Saturday, February 2, 2013

Like a Girl

When you tell me I run
"like a girl"
Australia's Melissa Wu
You're telling me I run with grace and poise.
When you tell me I throw
"like a girl"
You're telling me I throw with strength and power.
When you tell me I jump
"like a girl"
You're telling I jump with more force of will and ambition than you have ever seen.

When you tell me I think
"like a girl"
You're telling me what I already know--
That you have forced yourself into labeling me,
that you have allowed yourself to be duped into the false security
of assumptions.

Australia's Sally Pearson
I do throw
"like a girl",
I throw with power and calculated force.
I threw you for a loop, didn't I?
I threw you off,
startled you,
gave you what you didn't expect,
proved you wrong,
you don't have to tell me twice,                   
I already know.

You can't change me by telling me what you think I don't want to hear,
Can't insult me with your words,
Because I hear your words for what they really are--
Your insecurity.

So I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing--
I'll keep on being me--
And if that upsets you,
I'll even respond
"like a girl"--
With the self assurance and the knowledge
that I am who I want to be.

So the next time you tell me I do something
"like a girl",
I'll say
"thank you!"
And I'll walk away like a
 USA's Sanya Richards Ross

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