Thursday, January 10, 2013


I wonder if this makes sense.
We sit here and smile as though  
we're both content,

When we both know there is 
nothing left to say,
nowhere left to go,

And we are caught
in a never ending loop of
"I'm fine"s, and rote interaction.

Things were great, for a while,
but then we couldn't ignore our
lies, our insecurities; our inability

To see past ourselves.
Selfish. We were selfish. 
To be honest, I think you still are.


I mean, come on. Who were you 
kidding when you said you loved me?
You can't love me. You don't even love 

Yourself. Let me tell you,
It's not easy being the third wheel
In a two-person relationship.


 I can't fix you.

I never could.

I just wish I'd realized it sooner.

Here's hoping the next girl you 
snag isn't so deluded.

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