Friday, December 28, 2012

Who Said Writing Was Easy?

     Okay, I've got coffee, Irish folk music playing in the background, and notebooks by the droves. I have my favorite pen, the cat has been fed, and now it's time to write.

A new chapter for the sci-fi Young Adult novel I'm writing? Or perhaps some outline work for a new romance novel, that begins in the US and travels back through a woman's life to Ireland? Maybe I ought to write out this new poem I've been drafting, before the rest of the poem is done. Oh, but I wanted to get some of the editing done on previous chapters of that sci-fi novel... I suppose I'll start there. But first, I need some more coffee.

I feel like every time I sit down to start working on something, I end up interrupted by something. I run out of coffee, the cat wants attention, my pen is out of ink, or the printer is malfunctioning. It's always something. Short of locking myself away for a few hours a day, I haven't found a suitable solution. Quiet is hard to come by, funds are low, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to hit my self-imposed goals, eat, do the necessary housework, and still go to work to buy the pen and paper and pay the electricity bill. Any time saving suggestions out there? 

     I'm armed with a notebook and pen, and a whole pot of coffee. I've gotten my bottom in gear here, finally started the new blog. 

    Alright, I'm done bending your ear. (Eyes?)

Now you know where to find me.

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