Saturday, December 29, 2012


 I’m just asking you for a little security,

An opportunity
To ask myself if this is what I want,
A chance to get out while the gettin’s good.

I can’t pretend, keep telling myself

Can’t put it on a shelf,
I have to break my delusion, 
This is not the answer, and all I need

Is a chance to step back, to say 
That I need to breathe, need to feel the 
Wind in my hair, to 
Be free, I just need a minute, just

A little security.

Back when we started, it wasn’t

Hard to imagine where we’d be by now,
Because you would say anything,
                                                Do anything just to get in my bed.

And I believed you, believed it all, even
As I watched you fall,
 As I failed to catch you and let you blame me,
I still didn’t see,

That you’ll never give me a 
Moment to breathe, a lifetime to be
Everything I’ve always wanted, a 
Chance to fly, a little


I’m not an asset, another prize for you
To behold, I’m not going to sit there
And do what I’m told. I won’t let you

Groom me to be your china doll,
Because this shelf is just too small,
And I’d rather fall and crack my head than
Let you fall back in my bed,

Because I just need a second,
A moment to be me, a few hundred hours
To see what it means to be free,
And while you are tempting,

A lie, though so sweet, 
I am taking a step back, I’m stretching my 
Legs, I’ll stand on my own and find my own,
Be me own, thrive on my own 


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